Turning Stitch, version 2b,  2+tr+2  (Joutseno)

Joutseno (Finland)
tr = 1 loop is 'turned' by hand, anti-clockwise (ie the loop looks bit like a twisted knit loop), and the needle is inserted into the loop only then.

Video (link

Turning Stitch, version 2b, 2+tr+2  (Joutseno)
front side
Turning Stitch, version 2b, 2+tr+2  (Joutseno)
reverse side


Personal communication 7/2011 with a nalbinder from Joutseno.

Compare this stitch (2+tr+2) with Turning Stitch version II, 2+tl+2, in which the loop-to-be-turned is 'turned' with the needle, by picking up the loop from back to front, needle tip to left (ie in this version (2+tl+2) the 'turned' loop does not look like a twisted knit stitch).

You can read more about the Finnish Turning Stitches on page Stitch Grouping by Toini-Inkeri Kaukonen (link).