Turning Stitch, version II,  2+tl+2  (Joutseno)

Joutseno (Finland)

tl = 1 loop is 'turned', needle tip to left (ie the turned loop does not look like a twisted knit stitch)

Hansen's Notation (modified)

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Turning Stitch,version II,  2+tl+2 (Joutseno)

Compare this stitch (2+tl+2) to Turning Stitch, version II, 2+tr+2, in which the loop-to-be-turned is 'turned' by hand, anti-clockwise, and the needle is inserted into the loop only then.

Video 2+tl+2 (link
Video 2+tl+2 F2 (link) Antti Veikko Kekki, 94 years old, originally from Antrea, is nalbinding. Video by Noora-Stiina Kekki. 

Turning Stitch, version II,  2+tl+2  (Joutseno)
front side


Turning Stitch, version II, 2+tl+2  (Joutseno)
reverse side

Personal communication 7/2011 with a nalbinder from Joutseno.


You can read more about the Finnish Turning Stitches on page Stitch Grouping by Toini-Inkeri Kaukonen (link).

This variant is actually a very easy one to do, although the tangled mess made with the yellow string may seem complicated. It is easy, however, and creates thick and dense fabric which suits perfectly for cold winter weather.