Finnish Stitch 2+3

Joutseno, Jaakkima, Kurkijoki, Rautjärvi, Perho (Finland)
This stitch type is rather common in Finland, and it gives a bit thicker outcome.

Hansen's Notation

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Finnish Stitch 2+3

You can read more about the Finnish Stitch Family on page Stitch Grouping by Toini-Inkeri Kaukonen (link).

Video (link) - Finnish Stitch 2+2 & Finnish Stitch 2+3
Includes how to start and make the first loops; joining a chain of stitches to a circle; second row and connection stitches (F1/F2); using thin yarn and tensioning the stitches onto the needle; how to make a round start; voiceover both in English and Finnish.

Video - Finnish Stitch 2+3, "drop & pick" -technique
video1, Kurkijoki (link)
video2, Joutseno (link

Finnish Stitch 2+3
front side

Finnish Stitch 2+3
reverse side

In Finland this stitch type FS 2+3 has been used at least in Jaakkima (NBA ethnological collections, label 9616:18, 2+3 F2) and Rautjärvi (9461:1, 2+3 F2), in Perho in the  1930's (Kaukonen, 1960), in Kurkijoki (Korhonen, 1981), and in Joutseno at least from the beginning of 1900's till today (personal communication 9/2010).