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In this website you can find nalbinding videos, and instructions on how to make nalbinding mittens.

"In the past years nalbinding has become a 'fashionable' hobby"

- Toini-Inkeri Kaukonen,
60 years ago (1960)


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Russian Stitch 2+2+2

The most common stitch type of the Russian Stitch Family in Finland.

Hansen's Notation

Video link below the photo
Below also photos for comparing how connection stitches affect the surface.


Russian Stitch 2+2+2

You can read more about the Russian Stitch Family on page Stitch Grouping by Toini-Inkeri Kaukonen (link).

Video (link) - Same stitch (RS 2+2+2), seven different ways to manipulate the loops

Video (link) - by Tarja Kröger (2003?), working flat, without thumb loops
Note. The link opens first to Wayback Machine's website, then click the green dot on the "calender", either 12th Feb 2005 or 6th March 2005.


Compare how the connection stitch affects the structure

m_ven222_f1_kiin.jpg m_ven222_f1.jpg



m_ven222_b1_kiin.jpg m_ven222_b1.jpg


m_ven222_m1f1_kiin.jpg m_ven222_m1f1.jpg


m_ven222_parikk_kiin.jpg m_ven222_parikk_o.jpg

"under X", Parikkala style