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In this website you can find nalbinding videos, and instructions on how to make nalbinding mittens.

"In the past years nalbinding has become a 'fashionable' hobby"

- Toini-Inkeri Kaukonen,
60 years ago (1960)


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Nalbinding Videos for Left-handed


Here is some material for left-handed nalbinders. These videos have no voiceover but little text boxes both in English and Finnish.

Mammen Stitch (1+2), Oslo Stitch (1+1),
Brodén Stitch (1+3) (all three on the same video)

Finnish Stitch 2+2 (video)
Finnish Turning Stitch 2+2+turn (video)
Russian Stitch 2+2+2 (video)

Each of these videos includes
- how to make the starting loops, and a foundation row
- different ways how to connect the new loops to the previous row (F1, F2, M1, M1+F1, B1, B2)
- how to decrease, and how to increase

Also please notice that I am right-handed, so my needle did not obey me all the time ;) 

Pdf sheet with left-handed instructions and drawings
- how to cast the first loops, and how to do the Finnish Stitch 2+2 (link)
- how to pivot at the square-shaped mitten top (link)