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In this website you can find nalbinding videos, and instructions on how to make nalbinding mittens.

"In the past years nalbinding has become a 'fashionable' hobby"

- Toini-Inkeri Kaukonen,
56 years ago (1960)


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Russian Stich 1+2+1  (Kitee Stitch)

Kitee (Finland)

Hansen's Notation UOOU/OUUOO  (video)

Russian Stitch 1+2+1  (Kitee Stitch)

You can read more about the Russian Stitch Family on page Stitch Grouping by Toini-Inkeri Kaukonen (link).


Russian Stitch 1+2+1 (Kitee Stitch)

In Finland this stitch type (RS 1+2+1) has been used at least in Kitee (a sample in NBA ethnology collection).

In the book Gamla textila tekniker i ull it is mentioned that for Dalby Stitch, you can pick up an additional loop behind the thumb, but it is not specified whether they mean RS 1+2+1 (Kitee Stitch) or RS 1+1+2 (Oulu Stitch). Based on another book, Vinterblomster, I would say, that they mean RS 1+1+2 (Oulu Stitch). But in both of those two books it is described quite vaguely.