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In this website you can find nalbinding videos, and instructions on how to make nalbinding mittens.

"In the past years nalbinding has become a 'fashionable' hobby"

- Toini-Inkeri Kaukonen,
56 years ago (1960)


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The Russian Stitch Family (RSF)

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There are several different nalbinding stitches, and some of them have been known in many places, and thus may have several names. 

On this website I follow the grouping of stitches by Toini-Inkeri Kaukonen (1960), but I have also included some of the names which have been well-established abroad, ie outside Finland.

Here is an incomplete list of nalbinding stitches (link). 

The 1st number means how many loops there are around thumb
the 2nd how many loops are picked up onto the needle, from front to back
the 3rd how many loops are picked up, from back to front, needle tip towards 9 o'clock 

Russian Stitch 1+1+1, UOU/OUOO, Dalby
Russian Stitch 1+1+1, F1, plaited edge, UOU/OUOU, Telemark *
Russian Stitch 1+1+2, F1, UOUU/OOUOO, Oulu *
Russian Stitch 1+1+2, plaited edge, F1, UOUU/OOUOU, Vehmasjärvi **
Russian Stitch 1+1+3  UOUUU/OOOUOO, (my experiment)

Russian Stitch 1+2+1, UOOU/OUUOO, Kitee
Russian Stitch 1+2+1, variant, "Double Dalby" (Bernhard Dankbar)
Russian Stitch 1+2+2, UOOUU/OOUUOO, Polvijärvi
Russian Stitch 1+4+1, F1 or F2, UOOOOU/OUUUUOO, Sulkava **

Russian Stitch 2+1+1  UUOU/OUOOO F1 or F2, Sonkajärvi 2 **
Russian Stitch 2+1+2, F2, UUOUU/OOUOOO, Metsäpirtti 3
Russian Stitch 2+2+1, UUOOU/OUUOOO, Sakkola
Russian Stitch 2+2+1, B1, variant, UUOOU/OOOUUU, Kizhi
Russian Stitch 2+2+2, UUOOUU/OOUUOOO, "Russian Stitch", the most common stitch in the RSF in Finland
Russian Stitch 2+2+2, plaited edge, connection "under X", UUOOUU/OOUUOOU, Parikkala
Russian Stitch 2+2+3, UUOOUUU/OOOUUOOO, Salmi
Russian Stitch 2+3+3, F2 (or F3), UUOOOUUU/OOOUUUOOO, Joutseno
Russian Stitch 2+4+1, F1 or F2, UUOOOOU/OUUUUOOO) Metsäpirtti 2A **

Russian Stitch 3+2+2, UUUOOUU/OOUUOOOO, (Kaukonen's article 1960)
Russian Stitch 3+2+2/2+2+2+2 F1 or F2, UUUOOUU/OOUUOOUU, Sonkajärvi **
Russian Stitch 3+3+3, F1 or F2, UUUOOOUUU/OOOUUUOOOO, Riistavesi ** 

*) These are stitch names I have chosen from places mentioned in Westman's and Nordland's books.

**) These stitch names I have chosen from places mentioned in the Finnish national nalbinding survey material in 1957.