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In this website you can find nalbinding videos, and instructions on how to make nalbinding mittens.

"In the past years nalbinding has become a 'fashionable' hobby"

- Toini-Inkeri Kaukonen,
58 years ago (1960)


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The Finnish Stitch Family (FSF)

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There are several different nalbinding stitches, and some of them have been known in many places, and thus may have several names. 

On this website I follow the grouping of stitches by Toini-Inkeri Kaukonen (1960), but I have also included some of the names which have been well-established abroad, ie outside Finland.

Here is an incomplete list of nalbinding stitches (link). 

The first number means how many loops there are around thumb, and
the second how many loops are picked up onto the needle.

Finnish Stitch 1+1, UO/UOO, Oslo
Finnish Stitch 1+1, B2, UO/UOO
Finnish Stitch 1+1, F1, plaited edge, UO/UOU, Björsbo *, Räisälä
Finnish Stitch 1+1, plaited edge, F1B1, UO/UOU
Finnish Stitch 1+1, M1 downwards 
NEW 9/2017  Finnish Stitch 1+1, variant, UO/UUO F2 (Egypt; Böttcher)
Finnish Stitch 1+1(twist twice), F2
Finnish Stitch 1+1½, F1, UOo/uUOO, Valö

Finnish Stitch 1+2, F2, UOO/UUOO, Mammen
Finnish Stitch 1+2, F3, UOO/UUOO 
Finnish Stitch 1+2, B2 UOO/UUOO  
Finnish Stitch 1+2, plaited edge, UOO/UUOU, Rindal *
Finnish Stitch 1+2, M1, UOO/UUOO, Kaukola Kekomäki 
Finnish Stitch 1+2, M2 from left to right, UOO/UUOO, Müsen 
Finnish Stitch 1+2, M2 from right to left, UOO/UUOO
Finnish Stitch 1+2, M1+F1, Variant G
Finnish Stitch 1+2½, UOOo/uUUOO, Pyhäjoki
Finnish Stitch 1+2½, F1, plaited edge, UOOo/uUUOU, Stutby 

Finnish Stitch 1+3, F2, UOOO/UUUOO, Brodén
Finnish Stitch 1+3, M1, UOOO/UUUOO, Brottby
VIDEO 8/2017
 Finnish Stitch 1+3, M2 (from left to right)
Finnish Stitch 1+3, F1, UOOO/UUUOU, plaited edge, Alsike
Finnish Stitch 1+3, F1, variant, UOOO/UUUUO, Rådmansö
Finnish Stitch 1+3½, F1, UOOOo/uUUUOO, Sorunda 2

Finnish Stitch 1+4, F1, UOOOO/UUUUOO, Långaryd
Finnish Stitch 1+5, F1, UOOOOO/UUUUUOO, Bålsta

Finnish Stitch 2+1, F2, UUO/UOOO, Fåberg *
Finnish Stitch 2+1, F1, plaited edge, UUO/UOOU, Räisälä 
NEW 9/2017  Finnish Stitch 2+1, F1, variant, "Stormy's Stitch"
Finnish Stitch 2+2, UUOO/UUOOO, "Finnish Stitch"
Finnish Stitch 2+2, UUOO/UUOOU, plaited edge, F2, Parikkala
Finnish Stitch 2+2, plaited edge, F1, UUOO/UUOOU F1
NEW 9/2017  Finnish Stitch 2+2, F1B1 
NEW 9/2017  Finnish Stitch 2+2, mirror image, Parikkala, Rautjärvi 
Finnish Stitch 2+2½, F1 or F2, UUOOo/uUUOOO, Kuolemajärvi **

Finnish Stitch 2+3, UUOOO/UUUOOO, "Finnish Stitch", a common version
Finnish Stitch 2+3, mirror image, plaited edge, F1, OOUUU/OOOUUO, Metsäpirtti 1 **
VIDEO 7/2017  Finnish Stitch 2+3½, UUOOOo/uUUUOOO, Kaustinen 
Finnish Stitch 2+4, F1,UUOOOO/UUUUOOO, Östra Göinge
Finnish Stitch 2+5, F1 or F2, UUOOOOO/UUUUUOOO, Ruskeala **

Finnish Stitch 3+1, F1, UUUO/UOOOO, Zora 
Finnish Stitch 3+1, F1, variant, UUUO/UUOUO, "Nemi's Back Weave"
Finnish Stitch 3+2, UUUOO/UUOOOO, Kannas; Tuukkala; Börstil 3
Finnish Stitch 3+3, F2, UUUOOO/UUUOOOO, Sortavala, Salsta (F1)
Finnish Stitch 3+3, F3, UUUOOO/UUUOOOO, Säkkijärvi **

Finnish Stitch 4+1 UUUUO/UOOOOO
Finnish Stitch 4+2, UUUUOO/UUOOOOO
Finnish Stitch 4+3 UUUUOOO/UUUOOOOO
Finnish Stitch 4+4, F1 or F2, UUUUOOOO/UUUUOOOOO, Sääminki **

Finnish Stitch 5+2, F1 or F2, UUUUUOO/UUOOOOOO, Pyhäjoki 2 **

Nameless nalbinding stitches:
UO/UOU B1, plaited edge
OU/OUO F1, plaited edge

*) These are stitch names I have chosen from places mentioned in Westman's and Nordland's books.

**) These stitch names I have chosen from places mentioned in the Finnish national nalbinding survey materials in 1957.